Introduction to Causal Inference

For Business Applications

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About the speaker
Aleix Ruiz de Villa Robert lives in Barcelona and has a PhD in Mathematics. He has been working in a bunch of companies as a Head of Data Science: La Vanguardia (popular Spanish newspaper), SCRM Lidl International Hub (a digital group for analysis, and implementation of omnichannel BI systems) and Onna (B2B startup that helps to collect and preserve data). He is also the founder of the Barcelona Data Science and Machine Learning Meetup, board member of the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques, and currently works as a freelance consultant.
About the topic
Companies need to measure the impact of their decisions. Nowadays, digital companies can evaluate many options by running A/B tests on their websites or apps. Unfortunately, A/B tests have limitations: sometimes, they are too expensive or not ethical or even impossible! Moreover, companies already have historical data, and they want to consider it too. When data has been obtained through observations, instead of A/B tests, its analysis can easily fall into many traps and get the wrong conclusions. Causal inference is both a methodology and a toolkit that guides you through the analysis to avoid them. Aleix will demonstrate on a set of simple use cases how causal inference can be applied to marketing, COVID-19, measuring worker's effectiveness and pricing.
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